About Me

Nat is a confused 22-going-on-23 year old in her final year at university.  She likes reading and writing about things which don’t really matter much in the marketplace, which means her ability to get a job she enjoys is reduced significantly.  But all is not doom and gloom, for she has the Internet to indulge in her frivolous obsessions (i.e. all the joys of capitalism and being a lazy layabout).

(had enough of this uppity third person stuff?)

I live in Singapore, and hope to work in a non-profit organisation someday.  My university major is Political Science, but sometimes (quite often) i wish i had chosen Lit instead.  I love a weird myriad of things ranging from food, beauty, books, and Buzzfeed videos.  If you’re reading this I am extremely astounded at your ability to find this blog, and I hope you like what I write.


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