let’s start over: quick update + ootd

Apologies for not updating on this blog for the longest time.  Simply put, my laziness got the better of me. I realise that my tendency to write epic long posts (even about something as simple as my lipstick) has made blogging time-consuming and tiring. I also recently started another blog (natarinogatari.wordpress.com, sneaky promo go check it out), which features my travels since I came to Japan – so well, I have no excuses for my neglecting this blog.

That being said, I don’t want to abandon this blog altogether. So I’ve decided to blog more frequently, but shorter posts. So not so much long, in-depth reviews (which TBH you can get pretty much anywhere now), but little quick bites of what I’m currently enjoying. I have tons of stuff I want to talk about on this blog (like all the Japanese makeup I’ve been trying that the interwebs has absolutely zero information about), and I’m pretty excited to get this off the ground and moving before the crushing weight of deadlines overwhelms me in December/January.

So, moving on – here’s what I wore the other day. It was cold and rainy and I completely underdressed, which I severely regret. (and then the next day it was boiling! pls autumn make up your mind)


Autumn is in full swing here in Japan, and I’ve embraced the sweater weather far too enthusiastically – I’m a bit of a sweater addict but sadly I barely get to wear them in Singapore so I’m making full use of my time here to wrap myself up in as much woolly goodness as I can before it ends. The sweater is from Zara, but I bought it cheap from a secondhand shop here. I really like the colourful thread running through the dark navy – it’s something slightly out of my comfort zone. The loose, baggy fit also makes it perfect for wearing layers underneath (I wore a long-sleeved tee). I paired that with some ancient denim shorts from Forever 21, and brown tights. This is a super simple, cozy outfit formula that I’ll be using throughout the rest of the cold months – especially for days spent indoors, preferably with the heater on and a large mug of hot tea!

x Nat


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