Natalie wears Natalie: NARS Audacious Lipstick review

Um, did I just buy a lipstick because it had my name on it?



O Nat, such is thy weakness: an unfailing desire to own anything with an even remote connection to your name. Hence also your undying love for Christmas; because it feels like a party just for you. You just want to feel special, don’t you.

NARS is a pricey brand and I’ve never owned anything by them before despite hearing countless glowing reviews about their products like their NARS Creamy Concealer, or the Sheer Glow Foundation.  For the longest time I coveted the ubiquitous NARS Orgasm blush. But I never had the balls to fork out the money for it (also, NARS hadn’t hit Singapore at the time). It took a simple stupid marketing gimmick like a lipstick name to get me to take the plunge. Even then, I waited and waited and waited until I finished my internship and got my salary before I was willing to buy the lipstick. And after that, I didn’t use it for almost a month. Because the bullet was too pretty – too perfect – to be ruined by my lips.


I mean, look at this beautimous baby. I almost cried after I put it on and I saw that the bullet had been ruined.

Natalie is a gorgeous coral shade which is quite bright but also not too unwearable or adventurous.  It’s incredibly flattering and is enough of a statement to show people you actually are wearing lipstick, without being too ‘out there’. I would wear this comfortably while going out, but perhaps not the best thing for that 8am lecture. I posted this on instagram and got tons of compliments from my friends (that’s how I know something is good guys, I need to seek external validation from my peers, for how else could I ever find true worth?)


Given that I tend to favour very simple makeup (eyeliner is about as far as I go), the bright colour is no problem and in fact (I think) is a perfect addition to my regular routine. I love how the lipstick automatically glams up my look without being too bombastic. Probably need to be very careful with blush though – today I didn’t wear any blush, just a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones.

The Audacious lipsticks line feature a matte finish, but the lipstick glides on well and is really creamy.  The colour payoff is amazing; one swipe and it’s very obvious on your lips. I found that after wearing it for a few hours though it did settle into the lines in my lips (but I do have extremely dry, flaky lips), and it started to bleed after about…four to five hours? Hoping to get a matching lipliner to prevent this from happening in the future. In comparing this to the other matte lipsticks I’ve used (I have the Bobbi Brown in Tawny Pink and the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks), I have to say that the formula of this is richer, less drying and also lasts longer.

So that’s my new obsession for the week: this lipstick. Given how pricey it is it was definitely a special luxury but I love it so much (name notwithstanding), and I can see this becoming a staple in my makeup stash for years to come.

x Nat


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