“perfect pairs”: skincare

Hi guys, so sorry for the mega long hiatus – I’m just not a very consistent person when it comes to blogging. I need to really create a routine where I can sit down and blog regularly – that’s what I created this blog for but sadly it’s been quite a fail so far. I’m working on it!

Today I’m going to talk about perfect pairs – basically products that I’ve been using in tandem that I have found to work well together.  Lots of companies like to produce product ranges where their products work together – think shampoo and conditioner, face soap + toner + moisturiser, etc. But today I’m going to be writing about some unexpected pairings which were the result of me randomly experimenting with what I had and getting some pretty good results.

#1: Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Water Alcohol-Free Toner + Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin


affordable skincare A+++

Right so I’ve blabbed on way too much about the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin (and tbh I think it goes fantastic with the accompanying Green Tea Seed Serum but I won’t talk about that today). I’ve been using it as a toner for about half a year now and I still love it, but a few months ago I added on this extra toner to it (what, nat? two toners? TWO?).  I already had this bottle sitting around on my table – I bought it to help soothe some irritated skin (which it did! It’s a pretty amazing multi-purpose product) but it was such a massive bottle I thought I should use it for my face as well.  After consulting my ever-reliable beauty guru aka Google, I concluded that using two toners can be beneficial: one to clean and address problematic areas, and another to moisturise.

The Thayer’s toner contains witch hazel, which is a good antiseptic and helps with oil control and pimples.  The rosewater soothes redness and the fact that it’s alcohol-free also means that it won’t dry out the skin too much.  On top of that then I use the Green Tea Balancing Skin to moisturise and soothe the skin.  While I have pretty normal skin which only suffers occasionally from redness, I’ve found that the combination of these two products has reduced the number of breakouts I have as well as the red patches on my face.

You can buy the Thayer’s toner online at NaturaWorks (S$16.50) or iHerb (US$8.60 + approx US$5 shipping), and the Innisfree Balancing Skin (S$24) from Innisfree stores in Singapore or their online store Innisfree World.

#2: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Sensitive) + Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque


er whoops sorry for the disgusting bottle cap

I received a tiny sample of the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel in a bellabox subscription a few months ago.  Despite only containing about 5ml this tube has lasted me for more than 2 months so far – fortunately, because the full size of this costs more than $60 and it’s very difficult to find in Singapore.  I like to use this combination about once a week, especially when my complexion starts to look a bit dull.  I just whack it on my face for ten minutes, then wash it off.  It claims to use natural fruit acids instead of harsh chemicals or physical scrubs – which explains the rather sour, vinegar-like smell. It definitely smells nothing like apple, sadly.  But I like this especially in comparison to traditional salt/sugar scrubs (too harsh) and the Japanese/Korean face exfoliators, which require you to rub off the dead skin (which I’m just too lazy to do properly). The peel exfoliates my face and I’d like to think it makes my face look a bit brighter and clearer.

I follow this up with the Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque which I bought in Australia. It’s a clay masque which draws out the impurities in my skin and helps my skin just feel cleaner and less congested, especially my pores.  It also smells really really good – think flowery but also slightly herby.  While there is a slight burning sensation (especially around my nose), which made me panic when I first put it on, now it doesn’t bother me and it hasn’t affected my skin adversely in any way – on the contrary, its positive effects have been great. When I combine the peel and the masque together, it makes my skin feel super soft and clean. I literally cannot stop touching my own face when I’m done.  However it might be a little too squeaky clean so after I wash off the masque in the shower, I like to go back and use the Green Tea Balancing Skin from Innisfree to moisturise.

I’m not sure where to get the Green Apple Peel anymore as bellabox has discontinued its services.  A quick google search turns up a very pricey bottle at StrawberryNet ($67).  You can get the Aesop masque from stores in Singapore for S$47.

Essentially these two “perfect pairs” sum up my very basic skincare routine.  I do the double toners (with no moisturiser) daily, and the peel + masque once a week – however I think once I move to Japan I will add the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and very possibly a moisturiser as well – the winter months are cruel.

Do you know of any unexpected pairings? I particularly like the idea of combining Western and Asian products, especially as I move to Japan, the mecca of Asian skincare (besides Korea).

x Nat


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