melbourne haul! (part 1)

I’m back from my Melbourne trip! It was gorgeous although it rained quite a bit and got very chilly, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I won’t lie, one part I enjoyed a lot was the shopping and lots of damage was done.

I was very excited about going to Australia and before my trip I researched a bunch of Australian beauty brands I would like to try out.  Australia also has a much wider range of Rimmel London products than Singapore, which meant I could finally get my hands on some Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks that every blogger raves about. Half of this haul may or may not be devoted to lip products…


I’ll start with these, which I bought on my first day in Chadstone, a MASSIVE shopping centre which everyone had told me to check out.  It had two huge department stores (Myers and David Jones), not to mention a Target and a Kmart.  It was ridiculous. Starting from left to right, these are:

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment
A lot of people raved online about this as some kind of miracle product.  The label says its used to treat burns, rashes, open wounds, etc, but apparently it’s a really good, thick lip balm as well. You can find this practically everywhere in pharmacies and drugstores, plus it’s really cheap. This cost me AUD$7.90 but I saw it later elsewhere selling for AUD$5.50.

Lipstick Queen in Jean Queen
Lipstick Queen is a brand started by Melbournian Poppy King.  Her lipsticks are well-known for being pigmented but also moisturising. They’re a bit pricey but I really wanted to try this one out.  Jean Queen was created to be worn with jeans; a low-maintenance, universally flattering shade that looks good without trying.

IMG_20150608_174227 IMG_20150608_174244

isn’t the packaging gorgeous ugh that blue

The lipstick itself is a nice dark pink, not too bright; it’s warm enough for my complexion, and its quite a sheer formulation, making this the perfect lipstick for the natural look I favour – and yes, perfect with a tshirt and jeans. This set me back $26, which all things considered isn’t too bad for a high end lipstick – it’s still cheaper than MAC!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 110 and Lasting Finish in 32
Rimmel by Kate Moss has been top of my wishlist for ages, and I was lucky enough to pick up these two in the bargain bin at Chemist’s Warehouse for $5 each. FIVE BUCKS. If you’re ever in Australia please do check out this chain, it’s got some amazing deals.


110 is a matte lipstick, in a bright pinkish-red that is very much statement and not at all what I usually wear, but I am trying to be more adventurous with my makeup and this colour is very flattering.


In contrast, 32 has a glossy finish and is a lovely peachy nude, juuuust warm enough so I don’t look like I’m wearing foundation on my lips.  I wore this the other day and I was so terrified of how it would turn out but instead I found myself falling in love with the colour (and subsequently spent the entire day peacocking in front of reflective surfaces to admire my lipstick).  I found that it did tend to cling to dry patches though, so exfoliating and putting lip balm on before using this is a must.

Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque 
I stopped at the Aesop counter in Myers intending to check out the Parsley Seed Masque that everyone raves about, but the staff advised me to try out the Primrose one instead for my normal/slightly oily skin type.  To be honest I was very torn between the two, but the smell of the Primrose one (combined with the staff’s recommendation) won me over.  I tried this out the other night and I was pretty impressed by it (better be given the equally impressive price tag). I was suffering from congested pores and it was annoying me; this did clear it up and I wished I had left it on for the full 20 minutes instead of being impatient and washing it off after only about 5. I only need to slap on a thin layer, meaning that this mask will probably last me a long time! This cost me $35 for a 60ml jar, by far the priciest mask I’ve ever bought, but I do think I got my money’s worth.


Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Color in 130 Rose Poudre
Amelia Liana swears by these and I’ve always wanted to check them out because I hate maintaining my nails and I get so annoyed when my polish chips off after only one or two days. So of course I couldn’t resist when I saw this lovely muted nude rose shade going for $3 at the same Chemist’s Warehouse (seriously guys, if there’s one place you go to in Australia for makeup it has to be here). I’m wearing this now on my nails (you can see them in the lipstick swatch pictures) and so far there has been no trouble with chipping, and I’m on day 3. If they truly can last for 7 days I will be very happy.


Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub and Shower to the People Grapefruit and Lemongrass Body Cleanser 
I picked this up out of curiosity because it was going for half price at Target, and I’m a massive sucker for cute packaging with sassy remarks and bad puns.  Both of these smell glorious to the citrus junkie that I am, and I’m looking forward to using them in the shower.


Perfect Potion Aromatherapy Pulse Point in Buzz
Perfect Potion is an Australian brand specialising in essential oils and natural products. I wandered in looking for some eucalyptus essential oil and wandered out with this instead.  This is a roll-on fragrance made out of essential oils, which means the smell lasts longer and is much more concentrated. Buzz contains oils from jojoba, lime peel, grapefruit, rosemary, grapefruit and black pepper, making this a super zesty fragrance perfect for the morning. As mentioned above I’m a massive sucker for citrus fragrances, so this was right up my street and the moment I smelt this I knew if I didn’t walk out with it I would regret it massively. This cost $24.95.

So that wraps up the beauty stuff that I bought in Melbourne! I’ll be posting in the next few days about the clothes and other miscellaneous stuff I bought (including some amazing teas from Dandenong).

x Nat


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