my 15 favourite feelings

Just a quick one because I saw the videos by essiebutton and Hank Green and felt that I really wanted to do this! This might get a little TMI, so I’m sorry. But here are my 15 favourite feelings to feel, ever.

1. That feeling of relief after i poop and i know i’ve completely cleared my system (starting right off with the most TMI of them all lol but DON’T LIE all of you know this feeling is the best)

2. Touching smooth skin after i’ve just shaved/touching smooth skin after i’ve done a face mask – seriously I get obsessive I can’t stop touching its like whoaaa so smooothhh and I feel clean and hygienic and all the gross hair and dirt is gone from my body also i love my new face mask priciest crap i’ve ever bought but it works wonders.

3. Finishing a good book I’ve been engrossed in for the past few hours.  I like to call this ’emerging’ – I feel like I’ve just broken out of the chrysalis, or emerged from underwater – moving from one world to another, breaking the spell of fantasy for the dawning comprehension of reality.  I feel all dazed and confused and there’s that moment between worlds where I’m not too sure what’s going on or what time it is, but the realisation that I’ve just been immersed in a beautiful book so captivating you never even noticed time slipping away is irreplaceable.  And of course, the knowledge that I’ve found yet another amazing book, a new friend to reread over and over again and recommend to everyone I meet.

4. Lying down/sitting down after walking around all day and your back aches and your feet ache and just feeling all that pain recede, even if only temporarily.  Bonus if there’s someone there to massage away the pain.

5. CRACKING ALL THE JOINTS. So bad for you, but so, so satisfying.

6. Getting a compliment after I’ve put in effort into looking good/taken a fashion risk. I wore these over the knee boots to Melbourne and when I bought them my family thought they were ridiculous but then when I actually wore them I thought they looked great, and a random stranger on the tram complimented me on them and asked me where they were from. I’m slowly growing less insecure about my appearance and the way I dress myself, and when someone compliments me I remember it and keep it, like a glowing ember in my heart, a little nugget of positivity.

7. Baking for people and seeing them enjoy the food.  No compliment is needed, just people going back for seconds or asking me for the recipe or making food orgasm faces while they eat.  It’s so satisfying to watch people enjoy what I’ve made, and makes all the effort seem worthwhile.

8. That first cup of tea in the morning.  I’ve been drinking matcha green tea with lemon, and I’m so addicted to it.

9. Feeling sleepy and snuggling up under my blanket. Not so fun is getting up to switch off the light after that ):

10. Discovering a new musician/some new music and listening to it over and over again until I’m completely sick of it all. (I once listened to a song on repeat nonstop the entire bus journey there and back)

11. Breathing in the smell of rain (petrichor). Someone needs to make that into a room scent/candle…

12. Commuting alone, with no pressure to make awkward small-talk conversation. Just me and the outside scenery, rushing by.

13. Buying a hot canned drink from the vending machine during winter, and the feeling of heat spreading through my hands.

14. The feeling of exhaustion combined with triumph and ache after exercising.  Showering afterwards, and feeling cool water wash away the sweat and grime.

15. Spending time together with my SO, even when we’re just sitting next to each other playing stupid games on our phones.

These aren’t part of the traditional “happy/sad/angry” categories, but they are experiences that make me feel happy to be alive. I can think of quite a few more: I regret not putting “the feeling when the food I’ve been craving for ages is set in front of me and I CAN EAT IT“. Hard to believe I created a whole list of my favourite feelings and barely mentioned food at all…

What favourite feelings/experiences do you have?

x Nat


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