melbourne trip prep pt 2: the rest of my carry-on bag

It’s the day before I fly now and I feel incredibly jittery and just can’t wait to get started. You know how you’re anticipating something like mad and you can’t concentrate on the present because your mind is so firmly placed in the future? Your mind is in the future but your body isn’t. It makes me feel like I’m trapped in limbo, floating in a timeless bubble as the time between now and the anticipated moment gets ever slower and slower.

Probably why I’m trying to distract myself by blogging.

Anyway, as promised yesterday, I’m going to be posting about the rest of my carry-on bag.  I’m carrying an extremely ratty, old tote bag which has seen much better days – honestly, it’s just a big bag which I can then roll up and stuff into my luggage without taking up any space.  I can also take it along with me in my smaller purse to carry my shopping.


Here it is, next to my check-in luggage.  I got it free from Cotton On…like maybe five or six years ago?


So here’s what’s inside. I’ve already talked about my ziploc bag of liquids, so I didn’t include it in this picture, but obviously it’ll also be going in this bag.

1. Lucky Peach magazine
A magazine I’ve been reading but haven’t had time to finish.  This issue’s main topic is food, which is pretty much why I picked it up.

2. Pouch with tissues, wet wipes, deodorant, mints and lip balm
More personal hygiene stuff. I also suck on the mints during takeoff and landing to help with the change in pressure and ears popping and all that stuff. Incidentally, these Curiously Strong Mints from M&S are literally the best.  Much stronger than eclipse or tic-tacs, and none of that plasticky feel. And it’s a massive tin for only $3.80, what??

3. cheero Power Plus DANBOARD 10400mAh portable charger
Ahh this portable charger is so cute! It’s also the most powerful powerbank I’ve ever had, I’m so delighted with its performance and its adorable design.  All things should be like this. Functional and adorable. Functionally adorable.

4. Klipsch in-ear headphones + ipod nano
Music is always great to drown out wailing babies etc. on a plane, especially when I plan to be sleeping.  While ideally I would like some noise-cancelling ones, these are still fairly good (although they don’t cancel out all the noise).

5. Ray-ban sunglasses
It gets quite sunny in Melbourne, so I hear. Either way I am in love with these sunglasses (I have them in the clubmaster design) and I don’t go anywhere without them, even if they do sit in my bag and I forget they exist.

6. Wallet/Wristlet thing
Using this as my travel wallet. It’s got a pouch for cash, and some card slots for my myki card, ez-link card, credit card etc.

7. Spectacles case
I will take off my glasses once I go to sleep, so I like to put them in this case to make sure they don’t get crushed.

8. Inflatable neck pillow
I bought this at the Narita airport before flying back to Singapore, and I had no clue how to deflate it once I landed on the other side.  Now I know better.  I like that it’s inflatable so it doesn’t take up too much space in my bag, plus it comes with a nice pouch to stash it in.

(Not in the picture, because oops)

9. iPad mini
I have a lot of ebooks on this iPad. I bring it anywhere I have to be sitting for long periods of time – the other day I was at the hairdressers for FOUR HOURS and this totally saved my life. I’m also going to be adding my travel itinerary + list of restaurants/shops/stuff to check out to this iPad so I can refer to it during the trip.

10. Passport!
Needs no explanation. No passport, no fly, I die.

11. Notebook + pen
I folded up all my paper documents (e-ticket, tour booking confirmations etc.) and stashed them in here to keep them from getting crumpled.  Also its always useful to have some paper around to jot stuff down.  Also pen, for filling in that immigration card.

So that’s all I’m bringing on my carry-on.  Probably won’t end up using like 50% of this stuff, but I am a super mega overthinker/overpacker. But that’s what I think I’ll be needing for my eight-hour overnight flight.

Tomorrow I’ll be on a plane! I can’t wait.

x Nat


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