New China Opticians: my new specs!

Ever since I switched to contacts about 5 years ago, I’ve never been too bothered about what my specs look like. They’re reserved for at-home use, so they could look like whatever they wanted to.  But I’m a vain person, and also my eyes get tired of using contacts everyday.  Sometimes my contacts are problematic and they fall out or tear or my eyes just decide to hate them that day.  So recently, I’ve been wearing my specs more often, especially to school (because who can be bothered to poke lenses into your eye for just one class? Not me.) After four years of wearing the same pair, I thought it was time for a bit of a change.

For donkey years my family has been going to an optician near our house, but my mum’s friend recommended us New China Opticians for their super cheap glasses + vintage-y designs so we thought we’d try this out.

The shop is tiiiiny, crammed higgledy-piggledy between a bunch of ancient-looking shops and looking equally ancient itself.  The only thing I can think to compare it to is Ollivanders’, the wand shop in the Harry Potter movies. Boxes everywhere, spectacles piled high, and then somewhere magically there is a little chair for you to sit on and measure your degree. The uncle there is super friendly, chatting continuously while he checked my eyesight and making terrible comments about my astig (thanks, dad).  He reminds me of Ollivander too, whipping out spec frames everywhere and being like, ‘here, try this’, ‘no here, try this’, ‘oh what about this’.  Almost expected him to say “The spectacles choose the wearer“. Or sparks to burst from my spectacles when I put them on.

OK, I jest. Let the Harry Potter fan in me indulge a bit.

In the end the frames I left with were his recommendation, based on my ‘high nose’ – supposedly these frames have a higher bridge so it’s more comfortable for my face.  And I must admit they are more comfortable than my last pair! The bridge doesn’t cut into my nose anymore.  This uncle knows what he’s doing man.

And it all cost $75. And took one hour to make.  ONE HOUR. Wah lao.

Eh. So here’s what my new glasses look like on my face!


Had a massive moment of regret when I put them on and thought of Chicken Little, but the more I wear them the more they grow on me, so hopefully I can overcome my Chicken Little-ness. They’re just so red. I love the shape and how it sits on my face but ahhh the red please tell me I don’t look like Chicken Little. Can you tell I’m not very adventurous with colour?

Also means I can’t wear this with red shirts. I was wearing a maroon shirt today and it’s a bit too matchy-matchy for my taste.

Here’s what it looks like off my face:


It’s a dark red with slim gold arms, and a round frame.  All in all, the more I look at it the more I like it.


If you want some seriously cheap quick glasses, go to New China Opticians. I’m stunned you can get it done so quickly, especially because I have high astigmatism (most of those quick 1-hour glasses services I’ve seen before only do myopia). If you break your glasses somewhere in the City Hall area, this is a great place to get a new set – and you’ll only need to wander around blind for an hour.  Very happy with the new specs and I think it’s worth the travel down to town.


New China Opticians is located at Peninsula Shopping Centre, #01-11.  Go like their FB page! 


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