monday: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin


Look at this beauty.

I’ve never been interested in Korean skincare.  Too many products, too many confusing names, like what even is a balancing skin?! Just call it a toner, for the love of god. Innisfree potentially has changed my mind about this, but I’m not gonna jump in on the whole 10-step skincare routine just yet. Too many products, not enough moolah.

I haven’t used a toner in more than half a year – ever since someone told me the alcohol was harsh for the skin and I figured it didn’t make much of a difference to my skin anyway.  This guy has changed my mind. I bought it on a whim after receiving a toner sample from a different Korean brand. The toner made my skin feel great, but at $68 for the bottle I balked.  I heard Innisfree was a great (key word: affordable) brand, so I did tons of googling and decided on this.  Determined not to be overwhelmed by everything in the shop and not to come out juggling a billion items and losing half my bank balance in the process, I swooped in and swooped out of the Innisfree shop like an eagle hell-bent.  I still came away with like a billion samples, which instantly won me over. Yay Korean beauty.


To be honest I wasn’t expecting miracles – I was just looking for that refreshing boost a toner always gives to my face, without the alcohol.  This is great. The consistency is a bit thicker than a regular toner, but it absorbs into the skin really quickly.  It feels great – watery but yet thick enough that I feel something more is going into my face than just H2O.  But then – and this is when I seriously thought: maybe I should jump on that Korean bandwagon – my skin started clearing up. Like, really quickly.

A little backstory: I’ve never had any serious skin problems.  I was that super irritating girl in secondary school who washed her face like once a week but remained blissfully blemish-free, while all my peers were battling teen acne and having to go to dermatologists.  Hence when even a single zit appears on my face, I go nuts trying to kill it.  For the past year and a half, I’ve had this annoying patch of redness that is continually bumpy and prone to repeated blemishes, between my eyebrows.  It has been driving me crazy and I’ve put everything possible on it but nothing has ever made it go away for a sustainable amount of time, so I kind of gave up on it and accepted it as a part of my getting old.

Within a week of using this toner, the redness on my face has totally cleared up.  Not only on this annoying patch between my eyebrows, but also on the sides of my nose. Basically all the irritating bits which I’ve poked and prodded at and been like “WHERE HAST THOU GONE, O MY YOUTH”, have seen a drastic improvement. In particular when I used it together with the Green Tea Seed Serum sample I got, so now I’m considering getting that as well (ugh Innisfree what have you done to me you cesspool of capitalism).

At $23 for 200ml, this is super worth it, especially given that I only use a little at a time, so this should last ages. After washing my face (using clean hands) I take a couple drops of this and just smooth it over my face.  It’s super fast, super simple and makes me feel great.

Innisfree sounds like a pretty good company as well – they say they only use natural ingredients and they try to be eco-friendly.  The stores practice a recycling campaign so you can return your used bottles and get points.  A++ for eco-consciousness, makes me feel less guilty about indulging in rampant consumerism.  Thank you, Innisfree.

So that’s my review for today. Has anyone else tried the other Innisfree products? Now that I have a membership points card should I be splurging my angbao money on any more of their stuff?



4 thoughts on “monday: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin

  1. Alexis says:

    Hi Nat! Thanks for the recommendation. I went to get myself a smaller bottle of this after your review. My skin has been sensitive and blotchy and horrible lately and this has really calmed it down. I’m just wondering why it’s a toner since you don’t rub off dirt from your face but let it sink in… You should get the green tea seed serum for when you go to Japan! It’s super awesome too but more moisturising so better for Japan’s climate I think 🙂 I hardly use Korean products because I always thought there was a lot of hype cos of celebrity endorsement but I’m waiting for my Laneige troubled skin toner to arrive hehe. I’ll let you know if it’s any good! Keep posting more reviews!


    • ephemeralfiefdom says:

      Hey! I dunno why this is called a toner either but I think the Korean idea of toners is different from the Western one? It’s supposed to balance the pH of your skin and help moisturise it or something like that haha. Yeah I tried a sample of the green tea seed serum and I really like it so I’m definitely going to get it in Japan! Let me know abt the Laneige one! (: Never tried any Laneige stuff before but I’ve heard they’re really good


      • Alexis says:

        Oh yeah I wanted to ask you, when you use the seed serum with the balancing skin, which do you use first? I tried searching online but I got very mixed results. :/


      • ephemeralfiefdom says:

        the innisfree website said use it before the balancing skin? so thats what i did but not sure if theres a difference in the order haha


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