on the future: careers and happiness

Today I went to my school’s Career Fair, where I was told by many very well-meaning people that I am not trained for whatever job position they have i.e. they want lots of engineers and software developers, not a political science/liberal arts major.  Obviously the Career Fair isn’t a very fair representation of the job market as a whole, but it got me pretty worried about the whole future career prospects thing.  I know I still have one more year left before I can actually enter the workforce, but seeing everyone around me get jobs and going for interviews is making me really anxious.  In my mind I keep thinking: What if I never get a job? What if I’m really unemployable? Will I ever be able to earn enough money to support myself? Am I doomed to wait tables for the rest of my life? 

And how does all of this link to my happiness? At this point, I’m desperate. I told my friend the other day: “If you want me to be an engineer, I’ll be an engineer for you; I just won’t be a very good one.” Whatever happened to having a fulfilling career in which I did work that I actually enjoy (and am good at?) I’m torn between practicality and my happiness. But I do have one and a half years left before graduation, and so in light of that I told myself:

1. Don’t worry so much.  I’m a worrier. A mega worrywart. I do nothing but fret about the future, often at the cost of the present.  I need to chill and just let it go, a la Elsa.  What the job market is like next year could be very different from this year.  There’s no point in frantically applying for jobs now.

2. Do what you can. This means applying for internships so I can get some job experience and boost my resume.  (And also, updating my resume and making it look snazzier.) I already completed one internship two summers ago, and I think it’s time for another one.  But even if you don’t get one, don’t fret! See point 1. Plenty of people have gotten jobs without having done any internships in their uni life.

3. Focus on the present.  I’m always thinking about the future, and I forget that right here, right now, I’ve got things to do and things to be happy about.  Why should I be worrying about my future happiness when I can focus on what’s around me now? Take things one step at a time, one day, week, month at a time.  The future will be there when I reach it.

So that’s some of my thoughts which have been plaguing me of late. I’m hoping that by penning down my thoughts, actually vocalising it out, things will feel better. Is anyone else worried about jobs now? (I hope so. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one…)

And on that cheery note, I’ll be back on Monday with a much more lighthearted, frivolous topic.


2 thoughts on “on the future: careers and happiness

  1. Hello says:

    Hello, fellow year 4 here who just stumbled onto this post. Just wanted to let you know I feel EXACTLY the same way, especially since I’m graduating in May and I have friends getting offers left right centre while I’ve…got nothing lol.
    All the best to you in your job hunt, you’re not alone! 🙂


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